Can Insurance Companies Use Surveillance?

Yes. Absolutely.

If you are advancing a claim for disability benefits, or your disability benefits are currently being paid, you should be aware that your insurer might be surveilling you to determine if your actions are consistent with your claim. Someone might be watching and video recording you at your child’s or grandchild’s hockey game, while on a walk at a park, swimming in a public pool, or while skiing in the Rockies.

While your insurer has a duty to pay you when you are disabled, it also has a responsibility to its shareholders to ensure that people are genuinely disabled. While there are occasions when insurers act in bad faith, there are also instances where people file bogus claims against insurers. Those people can make the claims process more difficult for those who file bona fide claims, resulting in the insurer taking actions – surveillance as an example – to ensure that they are only paying for valid claims.  

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