Disability Claims & Health Conditions

In this post, I will talk about a common question I get from potential clients. People with conditions like Long COVID, brain fog, depression and injuries – conditions for which there are no clear-cut scientific tests to determine a diagnosis – want to know how these types of conditions impact their entitlement to claim and […]

One Claimant’s Story Fighting a Long-Term Disability Insurance Claim Denial

This is an excerpt from a recent claimant testimonial. They provide an overview of their journey fighting their benefits insurance provider. Names and specific details were removed to protect the privacy of all individuals and companies. Our insurance claim problem  I experienced a life-threatening medical issue which if left untreated would have been terminal. I […]

Can Insurance Companies Use Surveillance?

Yes. Absolutely. If you are advancing a claim for disability benefits, or your disability benefits are currently being paid, you should be aware that your insurer might be surveilling you to determine if your actions are consistent with your claim. Someone might be watching and video recording you at your child’s or grandchild’s hockey game, […]

COVID, California and Insurance Coverage

For over a year, I had planned to take a month-long vacation to California. As luck would have it, it was slated for March 2020 – right when COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) seemingly shut down the world. My family was supposed to rotate through visits with us over the month, however, things didn’t go as planned.  […]

Good Faith and Bad Faith: What do they mean and what should claimants expect?

In Canada, a disability and life insurance policy contains an implied contractual duty of good faith. These terms, though seemingly simple, are complex, so let’s start with the definitions and then move to what those two terms might mean to you. Good Faith n. honest intent to act without taking an unfair advantage over another […]

Life and Disability Insurance Legal Fees: Contingency vs. Fee For Service

One of the first questions you likely want answered before deciding how to proceed is: How am I going to pay for legal services? In my practice, I offer my clients the option of entering into a contingency agreement or a fee-for-service agreement. Contingency Agreement – This arrangement provides that I will only get paid […]

Legal Terms 101

The following is a list of terms you might come across during the claims and litigation process: Total Disability – Short-Term Disability (STD Benefits) – STD insurance pays a percentage of your regular wages for a period generally ranging from three to six months. There is generally a waiting period between the occurrence of the […]