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Disability Claims

You have paid your premiums. You did so to buy peace of mind. Your claim has been denied and you do not understand why. Disability insurance claims, and the denial of those claims, can be complicated and confusing. It is perfectly understandable that you might be confused by the entire process.

In the case of a disability claim, the denial and your lack of knowledge of the process can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety as you transition from being able to work and meet your needs to being disabled and unable to do so.

While disabled, you should be able to focus your attention on recuperating by healing your body and mind. Your attention should be focused on your well-being and not legal matters. You should not be forced to worry about sorting through documents and medical records. Handling the claims process should be the last thing on your mind. Because I have many years of experience dealing with disability claims, I have insight into how to pursue your claim. While I do so, you can focus on the one thing that matters most: your health.

Together, we will formulate a plan and I will then take the lead to pursue your claim on your behalf. Throughout the process, I will be available to answer any of your questions and provide updates on the status of the claim.

Your claim has been denied. Now what?

I will need to fully understand your case. To do so, I will meet with you so that you can tell me all about yourself, your claim, your concerns and answer any questions you might have.

I will ask that you provide me with all documents, correspondence, communication and related materials between you and your insurer, including a copy of your policy, your application for disability benefits proceeds, all medical records and the denial letter sent by your insurer.

I will write to your insurer to request an entire copy of your file (I will prepare a consent for you to sign authorizing the insurer to release that information to me) and advise the insurer that they are no longer to communicate with you, and that all future correspondence and communication should be directed to me. As previously indicated, I want to shift whatever burden you are experiencing from your shoulders to mine.

If you are claiming disability benefits, you should be aware that an insurer has a right to conduct surveillance of your activities. Do not feel paranoid if you notice a van parked outside your home, your grocery store, your doctor’s office, your children’s school (if you pick them up or drop them off) or any other public place. The possibility exists that your insurer might be conducting surveillance of your daily activities with the objective being discovering and recording activities they deem inconsistent with your claim for disability benefits.

Please note that Joey Pollock doesn’t take on cases relating to MPI, CPP, or WCB. 

Need a Hand Up?

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