Alone and Unsure: A Client’s Journey Holding an Insurance Company Accountable with the Help of Joey Pollock

As a cancer patient, I was going through chemotherapy which took its toll on my well-being. I was experiencing what would be considered brain fog. I had been off of work for about one year. Thinking I was capable of returning to my job, I went back to work, but I couldn’t sustain my efforts.

I was trying to read blueprints, and it felt like nothing made sense to me. I couldn’t comprehend or understand the information in front of me. I was giving presentations to architects and was stuttering, not knowing what I was saying. I couldn’t remember anything. I had no memory or recollection of events just the day before. It was embarrassing, a truly humiliating experience.

For nearly two months, I carried on as if nothing was wrong. The reality is I simply wasn’t ready to go back to work. I had to leave my job because I physically and mentally wasn’t prepared to return.

When speaking to my employer, I was told, “There is no such thing as brain fog.” I was being told I wasn’t experiencing what I was experiencing. When I insisted I needed to take a leave, I was told, “No, we’re not putting you off of work.” I was told I need to “go do something else.” It confused and frustrated me – almost to the point of bullying me.

My doctor referred me to a psychologist to discuss my brain fog. The two experts worked together, and my psychologist said, “This is a real thing, this is how it works. What she’s going through is real.” Armed with information about my condition, I found Joey’s website and called him to explain my situation. We arranged a meeting to discuss how to pursue my case.

The meetings with Joey were comfortable because he listened to me, and it felt like we had been long-time friends. There was no legal mumbo jumbo, and he wasn’t talking over my head. It was a welcoming experience. We had consultations and met with another insurance company and went through depositions and other reports. Joey had a plan in place and all I had to do was show up when I needed to because he was handling everything.

We fought the insurance company and with Joey’s preparation, professionalism, and persistence we won the case.

Thanks to the victory, I have been put at ease. I was worried that I would lose my house because I couldn’t work. I was bothered that people were telling me I wasn’t going through what I was going through. All I was asking for was time off, so I could recover and get back to living my life. Thanks to Joey, I was able to do that, and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend working with Joey.

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